Report: Reaching ESG and profitability goals with predictive maintenance

By Razor Labs
1 min read

Executive summary

We live in a time of heightened attention to the way businesses are caring for workers, customers, and the planet we all share. Mining leaders are under increasing pressure to keep these issues front and centre while maintaining the core responsibility of operating profitably. Fortunately, it is possible for miners to meet both obligations at the same time by investing in technological solutions that deliver greater efficiency and productivity.

Predictive maintenance using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to accurately anticipate equipment maintenance needs is a key example. By ensuring the optimal operation of machinery, predictive maintenance enhances worker safety, reduces energy use, decreases resource waste, and minimises the escape of hazardous substances into the local environment. In accomplishing all these things, profitability increases and miners become a better steward of natural and human resources.

In this report, we’ll look at the concept of sustainability, how businesses are responding to the challenge to improve in this area, and why predictive maintenance is a powerful tool for helping an enterprise reach its sustainability goals.

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