Case Study: Real-time conveyor and material monitoring. DataMind AI uncovers crusher liner issues and prevents downstream equipment failures.

conveyor belt monitoring

By Razor Labs 5 min read SHARE Crusher liners are essential to the effective operation of any crusher. Wear of the crusher liners and inaccuracies in the crusher gap calibration can result in oversized ore going unnoticed, potentially causing harm to downstream equipment, like the grinding circuit.  Early detection of these potential issues allows for […]

Case Study: Breakthrough Critical Ball Mill Failure Prediction with DataMind AI

By Razor Labs 5 min read SHARE DataMind AI, an automated predictive maintenance solution developed by Razor Labs, has been deployed at a customer site that produces crucial alloys for global supply chains. The solution monitors several machines on the site, including the Ball Mill, a critical piece of equipment in mineral processing. DataMind AI […]

Insights from Mainstream 2023: Efficiency and Sensor Fusion Take Center Stage

by Razor Labs 3 min read SHARE The Mainstream Conference 2023 in Melbourne, Australia, emerged as a critical gathering for industry professionals, offering a window into the future of asset management. At the forefront of discussions were two pivotal themes: maximizing efficiency in the face of workforce challenges and the transformative potential of sensor fusion. […]

Razor Labs Expands Global Market Presence with DataMind AI™ Deployments in South Africa and Australian Mining Sites

By Razor Labs 2 min read SHARE TEL AVIV, Israel, July 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Razor Labs (TASE: RZR), a leading provider of predictive maintenance solutions for the mining industry, announced that during the last quarter it has significantly deepened its engagement with the world’s leading mining corporations by deploying its DataMind AI™ Predictive Maintenance platform at three […]

Strategic Insight: Demystifying AI Predictive Maintenance in Mining: Fact vs. Fiction

by Tomer Srulevich 1 min read SHARE Strategic Insight: Demystifying AI Predictive Maintenance in Mining: Fact vs. Fiction In his recent keynote, the CBO of Razor Labs, Tomer Srulevich, addressed some common misconceptions that prevent mining companies from translating their Predictive Maintenance programs into tangible value. Watch this video to look at real-world examples and […]

The Value of Early Detection: Preventing HPGR Gear Failure with Sensor Fusion

by Peter Caldwell 4 min read SHARE What are HPGR Machines? High-Pressure Grinding Rolls (HPGR) machines are commonly used in the mining industry for comminution, which is the process of reducing the size of ore particles. HPGRs use high pressure and roller rotation to crush the ore, producing a product that is finer and more […]

Report: Reaching ESG and profitability goals with predictive maintenance

By Razor Labs 1 min read SHARE Executive summary We live in a time of heightened attention to the way businesses are caring for workers, customers, and the planet we all share. Mining leaders are under increasing pressure to keep these issues front and centre while maintaining the core responsibility of operating profitably. Fortunately, it […]

Case Study: Leading gold miner reduces unscheduled crusher downtime with DataMind AI

gold miner crusher case study

By Razor Labs 5 min read Download PDF SHARE The challenge The customer faced significant reliability challenges related to the site’s crushing circuit. The site experienced an average annual downtime of 250 hours. The financial impact of this unscheduled downtime and the associated lost throughput was estimated at $22,000/hour. The recurring failures resulted in increased […]