What is AI missing to completely replace us?

Will AI Replace Humans

Despite the dramatic leap in artificial intelligence, it still has deep limitations and bottlenecks to reach the level of human intelligence. However, if your job involves a certain type of tasks, it seems you have a good reason to be concerned.

Innovations in Mining Maintenance: Michael Zolotov Discusses DataMind AI with Torqn

Torqn Razor labs interview

By Razor Labs 2 min read SHARE https://youtu.be/hjHvi9-VYcU?si=7UId8MfzxcWu32wy Razor Labs’ CTO and Co-Founder, Michael Zolotov, was interviewed by Brett Baker, the Co-Founder of Torqn. In this engaging discussion, they explore Razor Labs’ advanced predictive maintenance platform, DataMind AI, and its transformative impact on the mining sector. Watch the full interview to discover how DataMind AI […]

Razor Labs Expert Series: Michael Zolotov, an AI Expert Behind AI Sensor Fusion Predictive Maintenance

Razor Labs Expert Series Michael Zolotov

By Razor Labs 2 min read SHARE https://youtu.be/UpAYXRysNrw?si=FdLldLTwuu3fE98H Introducing Razor Labs Expert Series Welcome to Razor Labs Expert Series  – episodes of interviews in which the company’s specialists share insights into their unique experience in the fields of AI, Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0, product management, business, innovation, and market disruption. Episode 1: Michael Zolotov, the […]

Ericsson & Razor Labs Partnership: Revolutionizing Mining Operations with AI and 5G

ericsson partners with razor labs

By Razor Labs 2 min read SHARE https://www.razor-labs.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/04/Razor-Labs-Ericsson-Partnership-Interview.mp4 Welcome to our deep dive into the groundbreaking partnership between Ericsson and Razor Labs, a collaboration that’s poised to redefine standards in the mining industry. Today, we explore how this alliance is leveraging advanced technologies to transform mining operations. The Partnership Razor Labs has carved a niche […]

Razor Labs Q1 2024 Summary Newsletter

Razor Labs Q1 Newsletter

By Razor Labs 2 min read SHARE We are excited to present the Q1 2024 Summary newsletter and to update you on the progress that Razor Labs has been making recently, as well as the insights and case studies from the field.   As we navigate this ever-evolving sector, where efficiency, safety, and sustainability hold […]

Use Case: Pumps Monitoring with DataMind AI.

Pumps Predictive Maintenance Razor Labs

By Razor Labs 5 min read SHARE Advanced AI Sensor Fusion for Integrated Pumps Condition and Performance Monitoring Pumps are indispensable in various heavy industrial applications for moving, extracting, and transferring fluids and slurries. Pump failures can lead to significant operational setbacks, including delays, production losses, and elevated maintenance expenses. Such downtimes can interrupt the […]

Case Study: DataMind AI Detects Stacker Conveyor Failure Preventing Unplanned Shutdown

By Razor Labs 5 min read SHARE This case study details how DataMind AI preempted a significant failure at an iron ore facility that went undetected by traditional methods, preventing costly unplanned downtime. This incident highlights the indispensable role of DataMind AI predictive maintenance platform in high-stakes environments like iron ore processing. DataMind AI’s advanced […]