Razor Labs

Our people

It is our people, culture, diversity and professionalism that make us so innovative and successful

Our Journey

From a fully bootstrapped startup in Israel to a global company issued on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, in just 4 years

Our recognition

Razor Labs has been recognized as one of the most promising AI companies in the world

Revolutionizing Mining & Metals Industries

Razor Labs products are reshaping the mining and metals industries from the ground up by offering an unprecedented all-in-one automated predictive maintenance solution that eliminates unplanned downtime, boosts productivity, and protects your greatest resource – your people – by significantly improving safety.

Empowering Industry Professionals

The Razor Labs’ cutting-edge solutions empower mining and metals professionals, enabling increased productivity and professional development while helping employers to mitigate workforce shortages and achieve more with fewer resources.

Enabling Sustainable Operations

We are committed to paving the way for a better future, helping mining and metal companies maintain the same volume of operations, and causing less harm to the environment.  Razor Labs is implementing innovative solutions that drive increased throughput while reducing energy consumption.

Accelerating the Industry 4.0 Transformation

By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, data analytics, and cutting-edge Sensor Fusion technology, Razor Labs enables industrial companies to optimize their operations, increase efficiency, and embrace the full potential of Industry 4.0.

We collaborate with industry partners to define and solve critical challenges, driving the adoption of transformative technologies that shape the future of businesses in the digital age.

Our Leadership

Raz Roditti, CEO & Co-Founder
Raz Roditti

Co-Founder & CEO

Michael Zolotov, CTO & Co-Founder
Michael Zolotov

Co-Founder & CTO

Tomer Srulevich, Chief Business Officer
Tomer Srulevich

Chief Business Officer

Meital Cohen, CFO
Meital Cohen

Chief Financial Officer

Assaf Eden, VP Product
Assaf Eden

VP Product

David Rafael, VP R&D
David Refael


Liron Gerbi, VP HR
Liron Gerbi


Nirit Chen, Director of Operations
Nirit Chen

Director of Operations

Liel Anisenko, Director of Marketing
Liel Anisenko

Director of Marketing

Daniel Feldman, Software Group Leader
Daniel Feldman

Software Group Leader

Yotam Sofer, Computer Vision Group Manager
Yotam Sofer

Computer Vision Group Manager