DataMind AI™

All-in-one automated Predictive Maintenance platform

We got you covered

All your Predictive Maintenance requirements in one out-of-the-box solution

Fusion of all data sources

Vibration, Oil, Telemetry, CCTV

Support of the domain experts

DataMind AI - full mining site coverage

Root cause analysis

& Clear Prescriptive Actions

Full site coverage with online monitoring

Online monitoring & equipment visibility

Easy implementation for fast ROI


Define the critical equipment which accounts for the facility’s most substantial downtime.

Perform the facility survey to access sensors’ availability.


Deploy DataMind AI™ sensor fusion. Leverage existing sensors and deploy the missing ones. 

Integrate into BI,  APM, and ERP systems.


Introduce additional facilities and equipment to the platform.

Launch a monitoring and diagnostic center for all global equipment.

Over 35% Decrease in Unplanned Downtime
Over 20% Increase in Overall
Production Capacity
Over 15% Reduction
in Maintenance Cost 

DataMind AI™ at a glance

Mining Conveyor Failures


> 1000 prevented yearly downtime hours
> 1MT additional throughput


$47M annual utilization increase
25% reduced downtime

Mining stockyard failures


> 100 prevented yearly downtime hours
> 25 prevented blockages per year


7.5% increased recovery
$9.8M increased recovery

Screen Shot 2022-12-06 at 2.15.49
No need to clean your data

Handle real-world data discrepancies automatically, including undocumented and mislabeled failures.

Evolving AI

Continuously improve accuracy with new data, using evolving Neural Networks. 

Sensors           PLC tags

 Events           Process

DataMind AI
Proprietary Neural Networks
Health score for every CCI
Time-to-failure prediction