Making Machines Smarter

Reimagine Predictive Maintenance with Sensor Fusion
for Superb Failure Coverage and Root Cause Analysis.

Eliminate downtime and improve productivity with DataMind AI, analyzing all your data with cutting-edge Deep Learning Predictive Maintenance technology

Sensor fusion for a full
failure coverage and root cause analysis.

Fusion of all data sources

Vibration, Oil, Telemetry, CCTV

Support of the domain experts

DataMind AI - full mining site coverage

Root cause analysis

& Clear Prescriptive Actions

Full site coverage with online monitoring


Increase your overall productive capacity by optimizing maintenance strategies, to reduce unplanned downtime and prevent failures before they happen.


Achieve better asset and process outcomes that minimize energy use and waste for an immediate impact on your ESG goals. Conserve energy through identifying sub-optimal asset operations. Decrease resource use and waste production by maximizing assets’ life.


Move from historical safety analysis to identifying potential future higher risk scenarios. Avoid dangerous maintenance work associated with unexpected or catastrophic asset failure.

  • Maximize Productivity
  • Improve Sustainability
  • Enhance Safety

DataMind AI™ at a glance​

Mining Conveyor Failures


> 1000 prevented yearly downtime hours
> 1MT additional throughput


$47M annual utilization increase
25% reduced downtime

Mining stockyard failures


> 100 prevented yearly downtime hours
> 25 prevented blockages per year


7.5% increased recovery
$9.8M increased recovery

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