Case Study: Breakthrough in Critical Ball Mill Failure Prediction with DataMind AI

By Razor Labs
5 min read

February 20, 2024

DataMind AI, an automated predictive maintenance solution developed by Razor Labs, has been deployed at a customer site that produces crucial alloys for global supply chains. The solution monitors several machines on the site, including the Ball Mill, a critical piece of equipment in mineral processing.

DataMind AI flagged a critical failure in the Ball Mill’s motor drive end bearing, specifically in the bearing outer race, showing a fast deterioration rate of x40 per week. 

DataMind AI detected a critical failure in Ball Mill’s drive end bearing, that wasn’t detected by traditional condition monitoring testing methods.

The system’s advanced AI sensor fusion and Envelope Demodulation analysis enabled the site’s maintenance teams to prevent 36 hours of unplanned shutdown time, avoiding $648,000 maintenance costs.

Ball Mill Case Study Value

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