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Algorithms Engineer

· Full-time

About The Position

Axon Vision is a leader in AI based perception and decision-making applications for vision systems and autonomous platforms. We deliver robust real-time perception solutions for any kind of vision sensor and environmental conditions while specializing in implementing them on low-power edge devices.

As an algorithm engineer, you’ll work with the best researchers to solve challenging problems and realize novel ideas into products. The ideal candidate for the role would be fluent and up-to-date with Computer Vision research and obsesses about high-quality system engineering to realize research ideas and provide the best AI products in the market.

What You'll Do

- Image and video processing algorithm research and development from the initial stages of research and through all stages of product development.

- Develop algorithms for perception, spatial understanding, and autonomous decision-making capabilities using deep neural networks and classical cv based algorithms.

- Complete system engineering for specific needs, Integrating many algorithms together, and end-to-end performance optimization.


Minimum qualifications:

• MSc/PhD Computer Science /Electrical Engineering/ Mathematics / Physics or similar

• 2 years of experience in hands-on computer vision algorithms development

• Strong and proven experience in research and developing deep learning solutions in the computer vision domain

• Proven experience in manipulating data sets and building statistical models

• Proven experience building ML/DL solutions in production (using TensorFlow/Pytorch)

• Practical experience using Python and C++

• Hands-on: you are able to realize your ideas in code.

Our HQ is located at the We TLV Tower, 5 min walk from Savidor train station.

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Current Openings:

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