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Software Team Leader

Tel Aviv · Full-time

About The Position

Axon-Vision is a leader in AI-based perception and decision-making applications for vision systems and autonomous platforms, developing AI for low-power edge devices. 

Our products are integrated into the latest armed vehicles, such as the Israeli Merkava tank, smart drones, and other robotics platforms being used by our forces.

Developers and engineers in Axon-Vision are working on cutting-edge technologies and research fields and have the opportunity to see their work being deployed in the most critical platforms.


Management a team of 4 engineers, set priorities, conduct scrum meetings and track performance and delivery

Turn in-house developed algorithms and neural networks into real products. 

Work with the latest and greatest technology stacks in the world of AI.

Implementing optimized neural networks to solve a variety of computer vision problems, such as object detection, semantic scene segmentation, human pose estimation etc.

Pushing the state of the art on standard computer vision tasks. 

Building and maintaining the infrastructure for training and deploying models, including massive data pipelines, experiment management platform, visualization tools etc. 

Optimizing run time efficiency of models for deployment.


Managerial/ Tech lead skills - Must

6+ years of experience and exceptional coding skills - Must

4+ years of Experience and exceptional coding skills in Python - Must

experience with video streaming Protocols - Must

Qualifications (advantages):

Understanding of deep learning concepts, state of the art in computer vision research and the mathematics of machine learning.

Proficiency in any of the popular computational and deep learning frameworks, such as TensorFlow and Pytorch

Experience with NVIDIA platforms such as DeepStream, TensorRT

Proficiency  Cuda 

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Current Openings:

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