Leading Global Energy Company Chooses Razor Labs to Power Digital Transformation in the Energy Sector

By Razor Labs
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March 26, 2024

[March 26, 2024 – Sydney, Australia] – Razor Labs announced today that the leading global energy company, one of the top 10 leading global energy producers, had chosen the DataMind AI™ predictive maintenance solution to elevate its operational reliability across numerous sites worldwide.

DataMind AI™ utilizes cutting-edge AI Sensor Fusion technology to analyze data from a wide range of sensors – vibration, oil, temperature, pressure, current sensors, CCTV, and others –  predicting failures, providing failure root cause analysis and a list of clear prescriptive actions. The solution focuses on the Balance of Plant equipment crucial to turbine operation, like cooling systems and critical pumps, whose breakdown immediately halts the turbine, leading to lost throughput, revenue loss, fines, and safety incidents.

Raz Roditti, CEO and co-founder of Razor Labs, emphasized the partnership’s significance in addressing energy security challenges. “Our product addresses the critical need to improve power station flexibility and ensure uninterrupted energy supply to customers globally,” said Roditti. “This partnership is a testament to our commitment to revolutionizing predictive maintenance in traditional industries.”

Michael Zolotov, CTO and co-founder of Razor Labs, highlighted the versatility of their technology to different industrial sectors. “Our groundbreaking AI Sensor Fusion technology uncovers otherwise undetectable failures and provides clear, actionable insights that translate into tangible operational value. This capability is key in preventing malfunctions and power outages.”

“The trust placed in us by this leading energy production company accelerates our journey towards transforming predictive maintenance in traditional industries,” said Tomer Srulevich, Chief Business Officer of Razor Labs. “This partnership is set to drive unparalleled efficiency and innovation in the energy landscape.”

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Razor Labs, a leader in the mining tech sector, specializes in predictive maintenance with our flagship product, DataMind AI™. Our AI Sensor Fusion technology forecasts equipment failures, enhancing operational efficiency and safety. Publicly traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, we have a strong presence in key mining regions, including Australia and South Africa, where our solutions have driven significant improvements.

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