Case Study: DataMind AI Detects Compressor Gearbox Deterioration Minimizing Shutdown Time

By Razor Labs
5 min read

June 25, 2024

DataMind AI is a robust maintenance and diagnostic solution that offers automated failure detection, diagnosis, and prescriptive actions.

Deployed at a vanadium ore production site, DataMind AI monitors multiple machines, including the compressor gearbox.

The case study highlights how DataMind AI’s unique spectral trend, cleaned by operation mode isolation, plays a crucial role in the early identification of mechanical issues.


DataMind AI enables proactive decisions that reduce operational losses.
In this case, an unplanned shutdown and extended delay were averted through strategic data-driven actions.

The pre-ordered new gearbox was on-site when the old one reached critical functioning, ensuring a timely and effective replacement that restored operational stability.

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