Case Study: DataMind AI Detects Stacker Conveyor Failure Preventing Unplanned Shutdown

By Razor Labs
5 min read

March 27, 2024

This case study details how DataMind AI preempted a significant failure at an iron ore facility that went undetected by traditional methods, preventing costly unplanned downtime. This incident highlights the indispensable role of DataMind AI predictive maintenance platform in high-stakes environments like iron ore processing.

DataMind AI’s advanced detection and analysis of machine patterns eliminates the need for hazardous manual testing like climbing a moving stacker and proactively prevents potential operational disruptions and financial risks stemming from fast-paced element deterioration, ensuring safety and operational continuity.


Thanks to the advanced detection by DataMind AI, the facility took swift action. An inspection confirmed the DataMind AI diagnosis, revealing severe defects in the right-hand side bearing. The conveyor was repaired promptly, avoiding a staggering 14 hours of unplanned downtime, and eliminating the need for hazardous manual testing that requires climbing a moving stacker.


stacker failure prevention value

Considering the operational costs of $80,000 per hour, the early detection by DataMind AI resulted in saved costs of $1.12 million, ensuring safety and operational continuity.

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