Razor Labs Q1 2024 Summary Newsletter

By Razor Labs
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We are excited to present the Q1 2024 Summary newsletter and to update you on the progress that Razor Labs has been making recently, as well as the insights and case studies from the field.  

As we navigate this ever-evolving sector, where efficiency, safety, and sustainability hold immense significance, our team at Razor Labs is driven by a vision to revolutionize maintenance practices and empower mining companies to unlock their full operational potential.

Q1 Roadshow

In Q1, our team hit the ground running, visiting numerous customer mining sites across the globe, and initiating engagements with the outstanding maintenance teams of numerous mining sites.  

It was incredible to witness firsthand the operations of the maintenance teams, hear about the challenges they experience, explore their critical bottlenecks, and learn from the site teams how Razor Labs AI Sensor Fusion predictive maintenance solution can enhance productivity, operations, and safety.

New Contracts & Pilots

The first quarter of 2024 has brought new engagements in the mining, energy, and automotive sectors for Razor Labs.

Impact from the Field

DataMind AI™ is driving ROI in the field across a wide range of equipment by leveraging its advanced AI Sensor Fusion technology to predict equipment failures and optimize maintenance schedules, resulting in significant cost savings, enhanced safety, and improved operational efficiency for mining companies globally​​.

Breakthrough in Critical Ball Mill Failure Prediction

DataMind AI™ detected a critical failure in Ball Mill’s drive end bearing, that wasn’t detected by traditional condition monitoring testing methods.The system enabled the site’s maintenance teams to prevent 36 hours of unplanned shutdown time, avoiding $648,000 maintenance costs. Read more >>

DataMind AI™ Uncovers Crusher Liner Anomalies

Real-time computer vision analysis of ore size detected sizes that consistently surpassed the expected crusher gap. Recalibration of the crusher gap prevented equipment downtime and maintenance costs. Estimated savings: $108,000. Read more >>

DataMind AI™ Detects Stacker Conveyor Failure

Preventing 14 hours of unplanned downtime and eliminating the need for hazardous manual testing that requires climbing a moving stacker. Estimated savings: $1,120,000. Read more>>

Introducing Impact Value Estimator

DataMind AI™ delivers significant value to mining site operation, enabling:

  • Dramatic reductions in unplanned downtime

  • Improvements in equipment availability

  • Maintenance cost savings

  • Process optimization

  • Enhanced safety

Visit the Value Impact Estimator page to discover the savings DataMind AI™ can unlock for your company by reducing unexpected failures, reactive and preventative maintenance costs, and unplanned downtime through advanced predictive maintenance. 

DataMind AI Impact Value Estimator

Building Strong Collaborations

We are happy to partner with new asset management services companies that support Razor Labs’ expanding operations in Australia, South Africa and USA. Together, we combine our expertise, resources, and cutting-edge technologies to deliver comprehensive and integrated solutions that propel the mining industry forward.

Equipment Spotlight

Pumps Monitoring DataMind AI
Pumps Monitoring with DataMind AI™

When it comes to monitoring pumps, condition monitoring is simply not enough. DataMind AI™ is the only predictive maintenance platform equipped with Pump Condition and Performance Monitoring capabilities. This integrated approach grants industrial operations deep visibility into their pump systems, enabling proactive maintenance, superior performance, and heightened reliability.

Last but Not Least

In March the whole world celebrated International Women’s Day.

Razor Labs’ female professionals stand at the forefront of innovation, embodying the spirit of resilience, creativity, and leadership. From AI engineers to finance professionals, our women in tech bring a wealth of talent, expertise, and fresh perspectives to the table.

They inspire us with their unwavering determination, groundbreaking contributions, and relentless pursuit of excellence. Each day, they break barriers, challenge norms, and pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable tech landscape. Meet our team of female professionals.

Women of Razor Labs